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…wolf tracks…

Posted: 17 May 2013

…the evening is beautiful…breezy and full of birdsong…the other afternoon wolf tracks down by the river ( no walls between here and Russia )…cleaver herb growing abundantly and found a new large patch at the other end of the acacia  grove…cleavers is fab for lymph cleansing…poppies absolutely glorious this year ( and full of healing for anxiety and nervousness and sleeplessness ) and a new cluster of comfrey (marvelous for wound healing ) and I was happy to find some plantain which is a specific for acne rosacea…something that is on the increase in a huge way…all forms of sugar feeds that skin irritability which can become quite tough to live with…you don’t have to…also animal products, especially animal proteins, worsen the condition terribly…clean up the food, clean the body and the body will do the rest…the acacia smells truly heavenly  ( like a body that is clean on the inside…no need for deodorisers etc and the skin is soft and deeply sensitive to the touch like a harp string in the wafting air…milk creates hooves of your feet…that’s what it is designed to do….soft feet are a product of a clean body and I don’t just mean soaped…) and I feel privileged to be able to walk beneath those huge fulsome blossoms each time I amble to the old house down the lane known as Casolare…the fragrance is of honey and lemons and the Italians prize the blossoms for the bees…soon I must visit the ancient orchards just a little further down the lane from Casolare…perhaps there will still be a little blossom on the apple trees yet…in the autumn those apples are a delight…in the meantime John  and I will continue to run with the wolves and not the traditional culture…for us there is only the path of freedom…come and see….