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What is Metamorefosi?

We are not the main road. We are not even the middle of the road (from whence Maggie Thatcher said one can get blown down from either direction) we are not on the road at all. No. We are down a winding country lane of our very own. We have created something very special and along the way built like giants and we have finished like jewellers. And we have restored Vaccaria, a peaceful, tranquil and ancient monastery complex, with you in mind. Your every days needs we have lovingly thought about and so each day is filled to the brim…and we encourage that so our acacia grove is laden with the fragrance of honey and lemons in the springtime, the cicadas sing in the warm, breezy cypress trees in the summer and the porcini mushrooms are foraged from our own oak woods and thrown into the pan for pasta al funghi in the autumn and winter evenings bring open log fires…the lanes, crisscrossing twenty private acres deep in the foothills of the Apennines, meander down to the beautiful River Chiascio with its pools and cascades, kingfishers and trout…the earth supports and loves here like nowhere else in the world…after all Umbria is the green heart of Italy and Italy is the heart of the world…one feels the land embracing the soul with warmth and the most tender of loves and feels so nourished by that…and then there’s Vaccarias food, the fruits and vegetables of Italy’s rich soil and grown beneath the Italian sun, cleansing, healing, delicious vegan food and our own crystal clear water honouring and respecting all of creation including your body and spirit…our dynamic evening workshops provoke discussion and open new neuron pathways.… about relationships, healing, love and questioning the way we live…in the evenings everything about freeing your authentic self will be spoken of. Because we believe each one of us is gifted and has genius. We have come to understand the ways our gifts and genius gets covered over, blocked and shut off by an imprisoning enculteration beginning very early on in our lives. With ones authenticity blocked so is love, the flow if it both in and out. Dependency on all levels is born. We seek to recognise these dependencies and liberate the authenticity within so that love and genius is revealed….this is the aim of Metamorefosi…the giving of Vaccaria….the workshops. Or if you want to simply and completely lay back after your beautiful day there is an extensive and edifying dvd library at your disposal in the evening , another way which is our desire, to grow your heart, clarify your thoughts and stretch your soul.