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…there’s nowhere to go…

Posted: 17 June 2013

…”there’s nowhere to go!…” exclaimed John as he hopped around the bathroom having snorted up way too much herbal snuff to clear his sinuses as part of a cleansing routine the other morning…it is wonderful stuff full of cayenne and horseradish…so you can imagine…I was almost prone on the floor with laughter and I am smiling to myself now as I write this…this is serious though because he was exactly right…there is nowhere to go to escape your self as John Kabat Zinn’s book title succinctly explains ” Wherever You Go There You Are”…yes…but the point of life is to have joy not to run away from yourself which as per the above is impossible anyway…to so live to feel joy is a wonderful thing… it is an inalienable right i.e God given…and, if we pursue the path that leads to it, we will surely attain to it…at Vaccaria we teach all about this…coming home to the authentic self…John’s sinuses are beautifully clean now…and the jasmine is in full bloom and smells divine too under forget-me-not blue  Italian skies….