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..their rotundities…

Posted: 24 January 2013

…quite recently I had the uncomfortable experience of witnessing a deceased cinghiale (thank goodness it was dead! ) being hauled down a quiet country lane tied to the bumper of a Land Rover. Following behind, and his behind (made me think of the elephant march in The Jungle Book…pompous old wind bag the wife remarked out of earshot regarding the DH…) in as close proximity as possible was, and I have to use this expression, a pack of baying hounds. They ran after the LR like greyhounds after the rabbit. The hounds were followed by cars loaded to the gunnels with camouflage clad men already in possession of stuffed to the gunnel bellies very rotund ( stuffed and stuck…and protruding because there is simply no way for the old decaying stuff to get out or through…hence their rotundities and no amount of camouflage can hide the poor health that causes this…it is epidemic amongst the men globally…many men looking several months pregnant if not full term!) all heading down to the slaughter and roasting and feasting house known as, for the purposes of this blog, Il Gruppo Chingialisti. The blood was up in the hounds and the men and ebbing out of the huge wild boar. Everything is entitled to joy and that I believe includes the animals. They have joy in their offspring and families. Certainly I have seen the wild boars have it. And entitled to life. I don’t know how many cinghiales are slaughtered each ” hunting season” and in Italy it is of at least six months duration. I believe that hundreds are killed locally each year. The dogs were being trained onto the scent of course. The men already are. And when the feasting is done then what? More ill health aka the animals revenge…And what about us? What scents are we trained ( aka enculturated and colonised) to go baying and running after? As for me I absolutely love the joy of creating my own perfumes and recommend, without hesitation, for wonderful essential oils…come to Vaccaria for peace, renewal and the heavenly fragrance aka liberty.