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..The Homosexual Controversy

Posted: 28 September 2013

…you know the aristocrats be they of whatever nation they might claim as their own have the choice…Buddha chose wisdom over stuff when he left his princehood…but then think of all those “servants” that were subsequently unemployed…that’s always the reason for that way of life isn’t it to give ” employment” to those who would otherwise not have it ( difficult in the capitalistic culture we have had thrust upon us )…bring it down a notch and think of a series like Downton Abbey…there a few live their lives in a house far too big for them and the one butler lives his downstairs for the most part and then retires for the night into an attic ( ? ) room with a single bed and a bookshelf….does he work less?…is he worth less in terms of human equality?…has he been less brave?…he lives in a rabbit hutch compared to the princelings…rabbit hutches, and there are many now being built as a matter of course everywhere ( in Japan people have lived in them for decades…their culture is now at the point where paying to have “friends” and I am not talking sexually here, has become the norm…) engender a deep weakening of the individual soul and can even cause death of the spirit…weak individuals create weakened families…weakened families produce major issues such as, for example, homosexuality..and the homosexual controversy at the moment is exactly what the government loves to take advantage of and let’s face it engineer……its not about caring for the homosexuals nor is it about their “rights” to equality as far as the government is concerned…since when oh when did the governments ever care about the people?…it’s about further weakening the family structure…and why?…look at the cycle here because it is circular…weakened families produce weakened individuals…the weakened individual is controllable…and why would governments want that?…to make even more merchandise of us than they already have…consumers and cannon fodder…all we have to do is say I refuse…and get the blinders off…Tanya Abee ( sp?…the girl that went solo around the world in a boat at the age of eighteen ) has said how can we be so gullible…yes how can we…well what does this have to do with Vaccaria?…lots…we are about freedom and health and so here is another thing to consider: all the hormones in the dairy products and the meat are creating terrible sexual confusion hence the  increase in so called homosexuality. A trend? Hardly. Well plotted? Religion is next and anything else that helps the individual to be strong or free. Get free stay free. Eat properly!