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Swift Ignorance

Posted: 10 March 2015

…there used to be four types of woodpeckers in Somerset, England and now  there is only one…there are hardly any cuckoos nor spotted fly catchers…these used to be common birds for our grandparents…the English countryside is called a sterile green by Stephen Moss writer of Wild Hares and Hummingbirds…Swifts he said can travel one million miles in  their lifetime eating 100,000 insects in a day…and they can stay airborne for as long as four years he added…I have heard that the cingiales have moved on from Vaccarias wild valley tired of the hunters who can buy all the meat their inflated and very rotund bellies still hunger for at the local supermarket as they ignore all the healthy bounty, much of it free as yet, that grows wild around them much as the swifts get ignored as well these days…with swifts being the natural bug eaters who needs round up ready?…and by the way keep abreast of the latest “government” legislation…they have been passing laws to regulate what you can grow in your back garden and what you may not…Monsanto already owns ninety three percent of the US soy crop,  1,676 of seed, plant and other “patents” ( Zack Kaldveer ) and the swifts continuing to be ignored and then forgotten will continue to vanish…your consciousness, your awareness creates your reality…and ignorance is the cause of all suffering ( Yoga Sutras )…come to the genius retreat called Vaccaria!…see you soon…many blessings.