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starry night at Vaccaria…

Posted: 22 November 2012

…sitting outside the beautiful church the evening is gorgeous…the night sky is clear and stars are visible here like very few other places on the earth…very little light pollution infact none!…the moon is lovely and the woodfire in the ancient hearth is crackling away…John and I have just had barley coffee aka “orzo” in Italian…such a beautiful language…I read once, some time ago, that when one steps off the train in Rome for the first time the language drops a few octaves from the usual hum…melodic tones that soothe the ear…no drawl…the neighbours hunting dogs are quiet tonight probably well fed or tired out from their usual romp over the fields and through the oak woods…this morning a tractor empty this time of huge loads of wood driving slowly along the bottom track up the valley…and the little robin determined to make the old tobacco house his own is often present and a delightful companion to John and I as we finish clearing and sorting and getting in our wood for the evening…the day has been delightful with blue skies after the morning mist disappeared…and we can still hear the Chiascio and the stream at the bottom of our fields running like a torrent after the heavy and very unusual rainfall…tomorrow a hike down to the river to see the kingfishers and maybe too the cranes….