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Self Love….

Posted: 19 February 2015 the newspaper not long ago in the UK the people were informed that half of them over the age of fifty etc will have this and that disease…this is false…one of the most important tasks on the earth that we must do is to love ourselves…as we learn to do this, to recognise it, how it feels, how it looks our joy will increase and also our ability to truly love others…the practice of any yogi will include being healthy all the time and this is the practice of self love… because it is thought that inbalance is a huge distraction, obscures our true selves and thus from our vision of God…( in the west it is called sickness or disease precisely to keep it going…to think of inbalance in this way is unhelpful…)…which leads me to the next thought…when you have the thought I must fight this disease or that sickness try to see how the body tenses…and the mind builds anxiety…but if the thought is made to morph to I can discern an inbalance and I need to understand why and what I can learn from this the body and the mind feel completely different because you are in the pilots seat not the culture through all the auto-suggestion that surrounds us all the time if we let it…a sense of peace and calm will arrive and thus space is created for clarity about what is really happening…in other words when you understand thoroughly the practice of disease, yes practice i.e yours, then you can dwell firmly in the practice of non-disease or your healthy life…it can also be considered a non-violent practice towards oneself…how so?…because lingering, or what is termed “chronic” illness in western culture,  is a product of deliberate propaganda taken onboard by most which then triggers further poor choices which really are violent practice towards the self…a betrayal of the true self… You do have the choice to practice health with every thought, every word, every picture you see, every morsel of food you eat…the gene theory is false…you are not pre-disposed to anything…this theory creates dependency and  despair and removes hope ( and earns lots of money )…this is not the way of the healer or the healed…and as a side note in the Christian tradition fate has no place but hope and love and faith has a huge one…we will truly love ourselves when we relinquish the need for illness and come to understand inbalances that are sent to teach us the way of health and healing…at Vaccaria this is what we live, this is what we practice, this is what we know…come and see!