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…Pond weeds…

Posted: 7 February 2013

…for a tenner I bought a couple of green ( and so can I claim membership in the green wellie clan? ) wellington boots ( I say couple. Each is the opposite of the other and so are perfect for my feet also the opposite of each other.This is a comfort that we take for granted today. But along with many other things we take for granted we should not because not so long ago each was made exactly the same. The opposites are vital to a balanced wise life and Khalil Gibran wrote that a one winged bird can’t fly…). I have worn them very often especially across the wetlands down by the beautiful river. Yesterday was breezy and cool absolutely perfect for an amble. But you know with each squelchy step my boots got heavier and heavier with the path that loped over the wet clay no matter my periodic washing in the rivulets along the way. A pond had formed at the far end of a long meadow bordering the Chiascio. We raised up the ducks that had been minding their own there and off they flew with their usual gusto. No problem at all flying high on their diet of pond greens. Me neither! To flow with energy, without breathlessness, to flow with flexibility without blocks anywhere is a deep gift of joy. But this gift has been sent, was sent, because of the choice to eat fresh, to eat green, to eat whole, vital things. Back to the wellies. They got me home with dry, warm feet…no need for cold feet about anything at Vaccaria…come and see the ducks too!