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Over The Top

Posted: 20 March 2015

…its  an astonishing thing when one thinks about all those soldiers ordered “over the top” time and time again to walk straight into machine gun fire, artillery fire…and they went…so very many killed ” in action”…and it is there that “action ” that one must weigh very, very wisely…each action must be ours…not something that we are only compelled to do…Mordecai told Queen Esther that she was come to the earth for such a time as this and so are we…and so we each have the responsibility to find out what our work is…we are accountable for our lives…each thought has shape and energy aka it is a creation of ours and as such has power…how much of our lives is about going over the top simply because we have been conditioned to it through parents who in their turn were conditioned by theirs and at the bottom of most of the traditions of the fathers and mothers is culture…why do so many continue to go to cultural medicine when bits are slowly being shot off because there is the continual ordering of “c’mon boys over the top” over and over again…but the Generals who give the orders are nowhere near the trenches…( and they don’t give their children the vaccinations either…)…and to support the game of thrones???…to ” fight” to maintain such butchery is pure stupidity…we don’t need artificial limbs…and it will be a bit painful as we re-learn to use our own again…using atrophied limbs is always hard at the beginning but it will be worth it…no healer will ever say over the top into machine gun fire and ask you to sacrifice your parts…you need them all to do the work you were sent to do…I weep when I think of the yes, senseless slaughter in WWI…the horrible victimisation of it…and I use that word deliberately…we are not slaves begging for our rights we are citizens demanding them…we do not need to obey the whistle anymore….come and rest at Vaccaria.