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…not medicine but healing…

Posted: 3 May 2013

…so if one considers the Constitution of the United States and I think it would be wise to because it is an amazing document and as most know it begins with the inalienable rights of mankind…ok humankind ( sigh )…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…certain communities in the US have fought and prevailed with some of the corporations using this very defense…inalienable rights i.e given of the Gods aka necessary to sustain a healthy life…water is one of those necessary things…a town in one of the New England states  ( Thoreau was from these parts and  believed in being in the woods and that the nine to five was something invented by us not the heavens and that the Gods would not expect us to slave as many do…especially for those things that are necessary and needful to sustain life and an abundant one at that…but that’s for another blog…) fought their water being taken and sold by one of the rapacious water bottling companies and won…I look around me at Vaccaria being  surrounded as I am by an absolute symphony of colour and blossom and abundance and all for free…it is my inalienable right to have this because it is all simply there of it’s own accord and there for me to understand and use…I don’t need to buy aspirin or get on prozac or gout medicine because I can create all of those medicines should I need them ( I don’t and won’t ) myself…all I have to do is harvest sustainably and go to my kitchen…mass production can reverse the energy needed and necessary to unite with your particular constitution aka resonate with you…synthetics have very little to no therapeutic application…this knowledge is wonderful to me because how I exult in my liberty…to create ones own culture is to resist colonisation at any price…love for oneself and ones neighbour means no hiding…”Disclaimer: Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines ( why????) and the law requires the following disclaimer: the information in this book is not medicine but healing, and does not constitute medical advice. In case of serious illness consult your practitioner of choice.” (Essential Reiki by D. Stein. Acknowledgements page. )…as I said life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…physician heal thyself….see you soon!