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Posted: 24 May 2013

…a post from a facebook acquaintance arrived in my inbox and I noted it was all about his gall bladder surgery…reading the full post I read through some of the comments that followed and they were all much of a muchness i.e ¬†commiseration and encouragment for the surgery and how a little thing like a gall bladder wasn’t important…not much there about any other of course I added mine which were a thought or two about thinking about doing things differently for example changing a few things with ones food intake before going under the knife…anyway the upshot was of course that I got banned…and I thought yes and this is how Cromwell and Gandhi felt wasn’t it when in their sorrow they cried perhaps the people are not ready for freedom (the English fell over themselves in inviting Charles back after Cromwells death throwing away their chance at being a Republic with an elected head of state for centuries after)…Patrick Henry said give me liberty or give me death. Increasingly the people seem to choose death…cancer is a political issue…my old friend is heading that way fast…life is about joy and health and liberty…this I know with all my heart…our life at Vaccaria depend upon that!