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…Lentils, brambles and doors…

Posted: 23 November 2012

…after three or huge four bowls of lentil and potato soup John was all revved to go and begin the huge job of clearing many years of brambles and vines on the terraces and entangled orchards, which include cherries, figs and apples that for many years now have only been eaten by the chingiales, across the lane at the front of Vaccaria…along with clearing the land there we are in hopes of finding more ancient stone walls much as we did when the land was cleared at the bottom of the beautiful stone steps leading into the ampitheatre ( which we will use as a natural outdoor theatre for poetry readings, classical guitar recitals and perhaps even Sophocles himself  when the warmer, longer evenings return…after an amazing supper of vegan food of course…food that warms the soul as it deeply nourishes and frees the bod…) the Acacia grove  and the old oak woods…the old stone walls have many stories to share and it is a privilege to sit by one in admiration for all their perseverance as one listens to and soaks up their wisdom…the day has been very fine with blue skies and warm sunshine…enough to dry laundered feather quilts outside…our master carpenter and his lovely wife,the Mondinis,  have been finishing the work of installing the last of the handmade oak doors complete with blacksmithy work hinges and handles and locks…they are very beautiful and have been painstakingly loved into existence…much like Vaccaria and Bella Italia herself….