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…lemon tree…

Posted: 31 January 2013

…our little lemon tree is so very pretty and has just given us about six beautiful lemons all of course organic and so they are a normal, healthy size…over Christmas I took note of the ever increasing girth of brussel sprouts in the shops…now the size of golf balls when originally they were the size of that large marble kids used to knock out the competition ( when kids were kids )…anti-biotics and their ilk are being sprayed all over everything along with being stuffed to the gunnels with hormones  etc  …and so of course because the fruits and vegetables no longer have to be self-reliant aka using their own God ordained gifts and talents to fend off danger they are all getting fat and lazy and, as just mentioned, growing ever larger…honestly some eggplants are as big as pumpkins…no-one knows all the effects of all of this on all of us but one thing is certain if we keep eating the way we are we won’t have the strength to knock out whatever competition arrives in our own fields of endeavour ( be it illness or war or death or back ache or other tough stuff like getting out of bed in the morning with a spring in our step not just in the mattress…) in the strong and clear way we are meant to and need to…back to the lovely lemons yes the taste can be bitter but then all the best, most powerful medicines always are, and the effect is wonderful…and Vaccaria is a pure tonic for the soul.