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Genius Retreat

geniusOne of the most marvellous joys of healing is that your genius unfolds. Every single person on earth has it not just Einstein and O’Keefe and Bach. The intelligence with which we are surrounded, immersed in each day at Vaccaria, is powerful. Mother Earth as she was organised to be. She is allowed to breathe here and so then can everything else. As you awaken, also known as heal, everything softens and suddenly shapes, colours, textures, rhythms, fragrances, sounds make themselves apparent and like a kid again everything is a joy to you.  Writing, sculpting, poems, painting, photography, song, instrumentals, design, all are inevitable here. Come and see!

a little review from a guest “The character and history of the building is incredibly warming and comforting, its location so tranquil and beautiful that the experience rejuvenates the soul and re-balances the spirit…made more special by the knowledge that the building was cared for by St. Francis of Assisi pastorally…” Anthony Hallows  (building bespoke design surveying ).