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James Wheeler, the physicist, said that the great beauty in the universe was that the laws are simple. We simply apply that to health because that is simple as well. One embodies the laws of health and the result is healing or wholeness or freedom or joy. First we do no harm. Secondly we teach the laws of health ( this can also be accomplished online via emails with you if you are unable to get here ). Third you get to apply them. Four all the other stuff cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression all of which are also subject to the laws of health, disappears. What has been created can be un-created. Chaos and Creation, Yin and Yang, Ebb and Flow all are laws. This is the beauty and power of life. There is nothing that is incurable. Everything can be healed. Simple.


herbsHerbs, organic, wildcrafted on Vaccaria’s land are deeply loved here. Herbs are filled with intelligence and therefore obey law. Therefore they are fitted to be used for beings of intelligence i.e you. Like the Reiki therapy here herbs re-calibrate, balance, soothe, heal. This is also called love. All tinctures and ointments are made by us. We also create nourishing body care and skin care. Come and see for yourself.



reikiReiki therapy is used by us at Vaccaria for healing. Reiki energy, the energy that flows throughout the Universe, penetrates from the place of anti-matter through every layer that is now you. It re-calibrates, stabilises, frees, strengthens, nourishes, from to in that place where you are to begin your healing journey. Your health can be restored to its original place of beauty and power. There is nothing in the universe that is based on you not having a choice. Therefore the gene “theory” is incorrect. Freedom. As a Reiki Master Janice is able to see what needs to be done first and then intuit what is needful and necessary to heal. Come and see and feel for yourself.

…a little review…” a sublimely spiritual experience incredibly accurate by way of pinpointing  deep rooted physical and mental problems, literally a life changing experience…” A. Hallows, UK. 

…a bigger review…” A true sceptic regarding many aspects of alternate healing I had the wonderful experience of a Reiki session ( as did my wife ) with Janice at Vaccaria. The experience was enlightening, amazingly accurate diagnostically and the advice given sound, applicable and life enriching. It is my ( and my wife’s ) intention to follow through with the changes needed and have already felt a marked improvement in health and disposition. Truly an amazing force for better health.” ” It was the most amazing session of anything that I have ever had in my entire life.”  Prof. Ross Wilson OAM, MBBS, FRACGP, FACRRM, D( Obst. ), RCOG, DRANZCOG, DA, DCCH, DCt….Bathhurst, Australia.


perfumeAs with the original intention of jewellery, perfumes were designed as sacred to and for each soul. The choice of each and every organic essential oil used in the preparation of our formulas are made with that in mind because we know that synthetic perfumes have little to no therapeutic value. Each perfume is designed for each individual and that nourishes your entire being. As they are worn, and as they work with your own unique body chemistry, the power of these perfumes manifests through the attracting of people and experiences into your life necessary for your soul to unfold in all its beauty and empowerment. Each original formula is given, in addition to the perfume, to each aspirant. They are created with joy! And that is their intent.