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HD sat on a wall….

Posted: 6 November 2013

…recently I was subjected to, and yes I mean subjected to, an Italian TV news broadcast that announced there are now, apparently, 500 million obese people globally. Doom and gloom? Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Is that the same thing as sitting on the fence ( Judy Davis, playing Mary Lindell in the flim ” One Against The Wind”, said that there is a ” special hell” for fence sitters…she added “my friend”…she was talking with the US ambassador eliciting his help during WWII regarding getting escaped Brit flyers out of occupied France…). Note that the rest of the Mother Goose (silly geeses? ) rhyme says very simply that not even all the kings horses nor even all his men could put Humpty Dumnpty back together again. A friend of mine wrote to me and said she had accepted the fact that since it was in her “genes” to be overweight that was it. Resigned. Life is so unfair ain’t it. If you have read any of the previous blogs you might guess what my response was: nope life is fair; the gene theory and any theory that removes or even attempts to remove/supplant your freedom to choose ( always a tell tale sign of untruth…) is false and no sorry I am not going to smile and say poor thing there is nothing you can do…what sort of friend would that make me. Currently I am still unpopular. I was “blocked” from an acqaintance’s FB page not so long ago for suggesting there might just be another way to handle his IBS other than endless surgery and pills. Obesity is not hereditary. It is simple to heal. Obey the laws of health you will be healthy. If the weight issues are because a person won’t surrender ( ?? ) logs of salami or wedges of cheese or dollops of mash ( sounds like constipation territory to me…) that’s a different story. One of the biggest consequences of forced schooling and TV time is that children increasingly lack the ability to grow up aka handle themselves with integrity. Or develop a sense of responsibility for their lives which of course includes their bodies. What other institutions do we grown ups (?) subject ourselves to that damage? Can you think of any other places we attend or visit with regularity that we won’t give up? Is there a wall that you need to stop sitting on? Come on life is beautiful! And fair.