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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Flowers,birds and animals abound

Posted: 18 July 2017

Step out of Vaccaria into breathtaking views in all directions. Walk north, south, east or west and choose between demanding hikes or peaceful strolls. Hills, mountains, forests, woods, rivers,  lakes, cascades….and if you have a mind to you can even follow the wild boar tracks…they know all the best paths through the woods and all the best places to sit and watch the view!

Vaccaria is immersed in National Parks including incredible Monte Cucco a short drive away with its hidden restored or original monasteries…some of the earths most beautiful caves and rock formations.

Gubbio, another Umbrian kept secret ( the Italians in this neck of the woods, are still true to  the mystery shrouded heritage of the Eugubinians, keep some of their stuff quiet aka to themsleves…) is our local town

Assisi proud yet still remaining sacred, and thriving with festivities all year round…a very special feeling remains there even after hundreds of years with Francis not physically insitu…you have to feel it to know what I mean.

Amble to our local villages of medieval Colpalombo and not so medieval Carbonesca to mix with our savvy salt of the earth neighbours…

Borrow our bikes for some lung and leg exercise. Spectacular views too.



Perfumes and Treatments

Posted: 18 July 2017

Perfumes…each gloriously intuited elixir created only for the one…all made with organic essential oils…the inauthentic, aka chemical substitutes, can never affect the soul as the real…absolutely magic…email for more information…

Herbs and treatments…available are seriously powerful ointments made with Vaccaria’s wildcrafted herbs and organic oils…safe and easy to use…

Reiki, book an appointment with Janice,  Reiki Master and medical intuitive…this can open the doorway to the rest of your life being filled with homeostasis…safe and non-intrusive, calm and peaceful…you stay clothed unlike massage treatments.