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Monthly Archives: October 2015

the bottom meadow…

Posted: 26 October 2015

…hiked out to the bottom meadow this morning to collect some of the thousands of small creamy coloured  wild flowers – they smell like jasmine – that are still blooming and beautiful purple and red berries for an arrangement  for the top of the Mongolian chest in the Chiesa  bedroom…and found too some truly magnificent teasels along the stream…choosing one of the Japanese porcelain pots for my wildfowers was a delight because of the many memories they evoke of the miles of china sales every Springtime on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan…such beautiful sake cups and pots and rice bowls and such abundance that each Spring the gomi piles were simply full of lovely china simply discarded because of the new…along with lovely dishes discovered in Japan I also had a marvelous Ikebana teacher…one of the many things she said to me was, ” Janice, space and empty are not the same thing…”…Ikebana classes are also on the menu at Vaccaria level one of the Sogetsu school,,,the arrangement today though was created western style…abundance…though I also recall Thich Nhat Han saying that each flower needs its own space…there is glorious space to exhale here… Vaccaria….

…fast flowing gurgles…

Posted: 5 October 2015

…a beautiful morning and so we decided to hike through the woods across the front lane down to the river that has been sending up its powerful voice since the heavy rains not so long ago…scrambling through the oaks and chestnuts, and what look like alders, and sliding sometimes on the gorgeous thick leaf layer, it was pure delight to be rewarded with a truly fabulous view of the lime stone built cascades…this is an area of outstanding natural beauty as well and John and I consider ourselves deeply blessed to have the stewardship here…when you find the pearl of great price  you sell everything in order to gain the privilege for responsibility of it…lots of lichen and mosses and the odd white lipped slug shell with its pretty whorls and colours…lots of wild mint in the meadows and a lovely emerald green shade of water weeds where the stream runs the fastest below the cascades…and some wonderful views of Vaccaria sitting so benevolently above the newly cleared old stone wall…and home again for some warming mushroom soup…homemade of course…bliss!