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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Chips With Everything…

Posted: 31 October 2014

chips with everything has become synonymous with Brit cuisine it seems…it is a valuable litmus test for us all…what we are raised with we often take upon ourselves without questioning much about any of it…take the eating of carcase for example and yes the animals do get their revenge with the creating of hoofy feet, rotund bellies, hair loss and huge mammary glands on what should be the proud chests of both men and women…puss and sores here and there aka known as cancer and diabetes etc…just like the animals now…we are what we eat?…I have heard tell that people that eat tons of chicken actually begin to behave as chickens do…let’s hope not because to fly with the eagles is more to be desired than to be scratching around with the chickens in someone’s farmyard ( FEMA Camps anyone?…Ethiopian refugee camps?…Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee also known as what happened to the Native Peoples of the Americas?…the past is prologue if it is forgotten…) but the Full English is one of those traditions of the fathers and mothers we must question…question everything as the Levellers did…the life you are given when life calls out to you must be sought for and taken back into your own two hands and one heart…your life…accountability has not gone away simply because it is nowhere to be seen these days…unlike HM and HMG…it as common as chips with everything…isn’t it…democracy is about government of the people, by the people, for all the people….


a Woman against violence…

Posted: 29 October 2014