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Monthly Archives: March 2014

…Happiness is yours for the taking…

Posted: 13 March 2014

…want to know what all the food fuss is about?…read on, keeping in mind that this piece was written almost forty years ago and things have grown so very, very dire since then…and keep reading because at the end is happiness!… “In an article on ” Vegetarianism for a World of Plenty”, printed in the March, 1979 issue of Moneysworth, Robin Hur, author of Food Reform: Our Desperate Need, clearly and undebatably illucidates the far-reaching problems resulting from a meat and sugar-based national diet. These problems include, but are not limited to: the increase in mechanization for food production and the processing of food; the decrease of fossil fuel and ore resources; the increase in air, water and land pollution; the decrease of arable land due to overgrazing; the lowering of the water tables and deforestation ad creation of desert land, as in Texas and East Africa; as a result the increase in the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and preservatives on crops and in animal and dairy food products; the decrease in the health of the people, the increase in heart disease, cancer. immune-system-deficiency diseases, obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, mental disease, crime, and aging; the increase in environmental pollution-control expenditures, the increase in medical care expenses, medical insurance, disability insurance, and Social Security outlays; the decrease in family happiness and national peace; the increase in military and defense spending, and the decrease in the quality of the human being. None of this would happen if the nation as a whole changed to a grain and vegetable diet ( also known as the Word Of Wisdom to LDS! ). Food production, health care, environmental protection and  military defense budgets would drop drastically. Since it takes only a quarter-acre of farm land to feed one person on a grain and vegetable diet, ninety five percent of the nations farmland could be converted to tree farming, export crops, spacious living, and recreation areas. The earnings from the export crops alone would be enough to balance the nations budget. Ninety five percent of the energy expended to produce food based on a meat-and-sugar diet would be saved and the earth could be restored to its natural balance. Thus, everyone would benefit. The earth the environment, the people and the nation would be saved. The life expectancy would go up ten to thirty years, physical and emotional illness, pain, sorrow, and crime would all but disappear. Cooperation would take the place of competition. Peace, prosperity and harmony would be restored.” ( Quoted in C.T. Levins book Cooking For Regeneration Macrobiotic Relief From Cancer, Aids and Degenerative Diseases pg. 44)  Sounds like happiness to me. How about you? Come to Vaccaria and John and I will show you what we are talking about…look at our Spring packages they are heavenly..see you soon!


…absolutely gorgeous apartment for sale!…

Posted: 12 March 2014

….a beautiful apartment for sale overlooking the olive groves and rolling hills of Umbria towards the ancient lovely hilltown (my favourite one ) of Assisi…the apartment has gorgeous three hundred and sixty degree views of sicilian sheep complete with bells, olive groves and I counted seven ranges of hills, vineyards and the stables and the ancient street through the medieval archway…the apartment itself comprises two bedrooms, one beautiful bathroom, open small kitchen complete with copper range hood and huge open fireplace, sitting room and very large dining area next to the kitchen so a fire in the evenings whilst you eat is fabulous…it is on the top floor of a very, very old Borgo…exposed chestnut beams and  hand crafted terracotta tiled floors…wonderful neighbours in the true and warm Italian style…see pictures on the website and type in Poggio Delle Corti in Italy…price negotiable…see you soon!