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Monthly Archives: June 2013

….do it yourself…

Posted: 23 June 2013

…remember homework?…perhaps there was a time when you got someone else to do it for you and then passed it off as your own…or on occasion pilfered answers during tests when the “teacher” was otherwise engaged…these days of course so much is dished out, starting at a young age, that parents often get on with it themselves rather than explain it all again to a bewildered,tired child after an already ridiculously long “school day”…the point is the homework and getting another to do it for you…not a good idea because then the lessons are not learned along the way and then one is not prepared for the big stuff having not paid attention to the seemingly small stuff…and one ultimately will fail the finals when cribbing or cheating isn’t a possibility or even an option any longer…we are refusing to do our own homework whenever and wherever we have dependencies…Dogen, the holy man of Zen Buddhism, said when that happens we fail to see the buddha within our own selves and this has been my experience as well…when there is sickness, for example, to run off to the local medicine man, to down the ever present round of anti-biotics or anti-depressants teaches absolutely nothing but dependency…sickness is meant to be one of the greatest teachers of them all…afterwards one should emerge more holy, more wise than before as one sorts it out oneself…this process is stopped completely if we turn that stewardship over aka get others (modern medicine etc etc…modern… I question that because so often to me it seems archaic…  ) to do what is supposed to be our homework…the culture is soaked through with dependency because that of course is how money is made…often the fear that presupposes it is deliberately created by vast business empires…vibrational healing is here now…it never went away…it simply went underground when it had to…I am hoping that won’t be the case ever again…but then anything that can’t be patented is often under attack from the big boys…but give me sound, colour, light, Reiki, poetry, art, right food, real spring water, the intelligence of herbs and crystals every time…no “experts” necessary…I can do my own homework and so can you…and when you do what freedom comes…see you soon!

…there’s nowhere to go…

Posted: 17 June 2013

…”there’s nowhere to go!…” exclaimed John as he hopped around the bathroom having snorted up way too much herbal snuff to clear his sinuses as part of a cleansing routine the other morning…it is wonderful stuff full of cayenne and horseradish…so you can imagine…I was almost prone on the floor with laughter and I am smiling to myself now as I write this…this is serious though because he was exactly right…there is nowhere to go to escape your self as John Kabat Zinn’s book title succinctly explains ” Wherever You Go There You Are”…yes…but the point of life is to have joy not to run away from yourself which as per the above is impossible anyway…to so live to feel joy is a wonderful thing… it is an inalienable right i.e God given…and, if we pursue the path that leads to it, we will surely attain to it…at Vaccaria we teach all about this…coming home to the authentic self…John’s sinuses are beautifully clean now…and the jasmine is in full bloom and smells divine too under forget-me-not blue  Italian skies….