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Monthly Archives: April 2013

…Can Chingiales Fly…Yes at Vaccaria They Do!

Posted: 23 April 2013

…so spring has sprung in a major way  because the chinghiales are bigger than ever so something was going on during all those rainstorms!…seriously there are at least four hundred pounders out there somewhere immersed in all this gorgeous countryside absolutely choiring with song and blossom…the birds are not content with just singing here oh no they exult in their praises to the heavens as they rejoice, absolutely rejoice, in their little babies teaching them to fly as  those who are parents must and should…and lesson here the birds and chinghiales don’t surrender their kids to anyone else to raise either…that can make for a dull life because let’s face it in the compulsory schooling system what of any real use is taught beyond reading and writing and sums and I think most of us are capable of teaching that…but what is taught of the creativity and yes power of the individual…(the kids, we ourselves are no longer, have not been and wont be as we surrender ourselves too to the institutions, will never ever be taught to fly by them…flight feathers clipped early on and let’s face it kept clipped…but as adults we get to choose now whether they stay clipped)…very, very little…Einstein who craved to know the mind of God and, well we should, because walking through those huge hallways would teach us more in a  five minute stroll than seventy decades rifling through the Bodleian, was a total loss to the dead weight of stifling sitting at the desk routine in school…I use him as an example because I find his chief goal fascinating…actually indispensable…I feel the same and it is my chief aim as well…and will always be…how can one’s aim in life be any less…anyway as an example of knowing the mind of God how about the abundant pharmacopeia just outside the windows of our lives?…I walk and exult in the comfrey and the fennel and the poppies and the chives and the self-heal and the nettles…not to mention the dandelions and the vastness of the blossoms and the new leaves everywhere…and the wild asparagus now on the menu in our kitchen…and all wild and free…yes so a little knowledge applied and there are all the bruise and cut and rash and fracture and nervousness and sleeplessness and teeth cleaning and gout healing and cleansing tonics you would ever need in the herbs growing wild all around us all the time…gifts from the Gods…the schools, the institutions aka the corporate generated culture, don’t teach anything useful…the minds of the Gods…well…look around you at Vaccaria and you will know what I mean…we are waiting for you…see you soon….and if you don’t bring your flight feathers with you we will show you how to let them grow again!