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Metamorefosi: Not the main road

Metamorefosi at Vaccaria

Originally built in the 11th century (and reportedly part of Francis of Assisi’s circuit) Vaccaria is now a small, beautiful hotel. A retreat of 20 private acres situated in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains within the Chiascio river valley deep in Umbria. The heart of Italy. Kind, vegan (and macrobiotic) food, visually beautiful, soul loving, delicious, environmentally conscious, probably the best in Italy. Heart opening, mind liberating, provocative workshops. Seeking (as Einstein said) the mind of God. Experience the lovely hilltowns by walking the ancient streets of Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto and Spoleto. In Florence and Siena, listen to horses hooves one moment and a Puccini aria sung with gusto in a piazza by a young busker the next. Marvel at the passion of the artisans in their workshops, search out exquisite Italian gifts in little boutiques. Drive over mysterious Mount Sibillini on the way to the turquoise Adriatic.

Further thoughts from guests:

“.The best B+B we have ever been to! This place is out of this world! So beautifully decorated and located in a natural heaven, so fantastic that it’s almost hard to believe it actually exists. Janice & John are wonderful hosts! So caring, interesting, helpful and sensitive to our needs. Janice makes divine food with love. Healthy nourishing and delicious, served in a royal manner, something you won’t find easily in the midst of pizza and pasta land.The place is super romantic, super comfortable, super friendly. We had a wonderful hike in the river near by. What else can we say? One of the best experiences of our honeymoon. We would move to live there if we just could! ” Tramell and Yael, guests who also held their wedding at Vaccaria.

True Holidays and Weddings at Vaccaria

Lots always going on in Gubbio, Assisi and Perugia.  Click on: special offerseventswalks and trips or shop.

Weddings at Vaccaria… 

Allow us the privilege of planning for your sacred day…we can provide accommodation, glorious food, music, dancing, photographer, sensitive wait service, flower design…everything you may think of and some you may not…the garden, the acacia grove with its honey fragrance…the huge salon with Chinese antiques…the refectory with its old arch and huge oak table…all at your disposal…spring water to bathe in…perfumery…sensual honeymoon preparations….

from a bride and groom:

” Two and a half weeks before the wedding date, we were forced to move our wedding to a new place. It could have been traumatic if it was not for knowing John and Janice and their little paradise – metamorefosi. When we were there few months before, I actually told my husband that this was my dream-wedding place. In few days we had a new wedding location and we knew our wedding was in the best hands possible. In the short time that was left for us, John and Janice took care of design, service, photographer, music, everything we asked for and everything we did not. They thought about it all as if they were going to marry their own children. Our families from two different countries met in Rome on Sep 11 2014, and started the journey to metamorefosi. Everyone were amazed by the beauty and of the place inside and out and we all had a delicious dinner, that astonished the meat eaters in the families with its richness. The next day was the big day and like many other weddings was full of dramas. The wedding was planned to be held in the splendid outdoor garden, but Mother Nature had her own plans. It was heavily rainy all day and there was a huge family argument about moving the wedding for the next sunny day or not. John and Janice with their sensitivity and intelligence managed to sort things out and together with the family started organizing an indoor wedding. At the very last moment the sun came out and the ceremony was held outside while blessings, dinner and dancing were held inside. At the end of the day, it was a beautiful fantastic event. Everyone said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Janice’s food was delicious, nourishing and healthy more than ever, and gave us the right start for our mutual lives. We were so grateful for choosing metamorphosis and we strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a unique, intimate, healthy and luxurious wedding. “

Yael & Trammell from Israel…