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DIY vision….

Posted: 8 December 2012

…doing some dishes after making the rotis for the day ( we have been wrapping up some truly marvelous rucola from the farmers market along with parsley pesto with sun dried tomatoes…) the water hot as it was steamed up my glasses…and I thought yes how important it is, vital to health and well being, to be able to see clearly without limits and through the prism of truth…recently I have stopped wearing sunglasses all together and it was a change because the sun is wonderful here but since then my eyesight has taken huge leaps forward back to healthy vision again…we are led into so many gadgets and acoutrements we don’t need by succumbing to the pressure of the corporate created culture…whenever we block out the light there is a price to pay…I remember seeing a beautiful Kirlian photograph of a single drop of olive oil…it was a drop of liquid light…and then a Kirlian photograph of a Big Mac…the only light to be seen was the tiny bits of lettuce sticking out the sides of the “bun” and the little desperate sesame seeds clinging for dear life to the top of it…the rest? total darkness…again if we fill ourselves up with a diet of darkness aka shutting out the light, as I did with sunglasses, in whatever form that may take for us, we can expect to feel under the weather, sick even depressed…at Vaccaria we teach about seeing clearly aka having a vision of who we are and what can be accomplished and we eat light filled food as one way to accomplish that…and I no longer wear sunglasses Dior or not!