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Vaccaria is one of the " Top Ten Veggie Places to Stay Around the World"..(.the )...come and see!

Vaccaria is in the heart of Italy in beautiful Umbria. A true retreat where we serve nourishing vegan food and host thought provoking workshops. This is so much more than a beautiful hotel, it's a place to rest and enrich the soul. Vaccaria is also close to Florence, Perugia and Assisi.


Kosher, Raw, Macrobiotic, Vegan, Spiritually prepared…and in the winter prepared on the fire if desired…all at Vaccaria!!…50€ per person for a beautiful evening meal. Reservation required. Breakfast inclusive with room tariff. Enquire about special events and week long retreats.

Some thoughts from guests: ” …Janice makes divine food with love. Healthy, nourishing and delicious served in a royal manner something you wont find easily…” Yael and Trammell, Israel…”…your food delicious and wholesome…” Sara, UK….” unbelievable vegan cuisine and an ambiance that defies description…” Prof Ross Wilson, Australia…

Some further thoughts from the sacred kitchen at Vaccaria…our food is designed to maximise health and rejuvenation as well as nutrition retention…menus can be designed for the individual after an early Reiki session with Janice…raw vegan meals are also offered and incorporated into the days menu…an experienced practitioner spiritually this of course imbues the food with additional deep nourishing abilities…our food is naturally kosher as well.

a delightful Breakfast sampling ( well more brunch really we have been told…bagged croissants and processed, plastic wrapped sweaty cheeses don’t cut it for us… ): chickpeas ground with organic tahini, sicilian lemon juice, garlic, Umbrian olive oil picked and crushed at dawn…pesto robust with fresh basil, avocado, and the most exquisite of olive oils, salt from Brittany, a little organic miso…homemade organic granola crunchy and nourishing with creamy vegan yogurts…freshly made oat and nut milks…stir fried organic potatoes with kale or Italian black cauliflower…warm chapatis…homemade sourdough bread…homemade jams…organic seasonal fruits including figs and mulberries and cherries from our own trees…delicate frittatas with fresh herbs and vegetables…cucumbers and tomatoes with olive oil and cracked black pepper…our very own incredibly delicious vegan banger sausages loaded with herbs and smoky flavour… stir fried organic brown rice with the latest in season fresh vegetables….our own tangy, crumbly vegan feta cheese…herbal teas…fresh powerful juices including green detoxes…beautiful surprises like black rice pudding with coconut cream or organic key lime mousse with pomegranates…special requests may be accommodated!

Supper samplings:

Raw cauliflower salad with Sicilian lemons and chunky robust garlic
Green mango salad spicy w/lime and chillies

Bruschettas of sourdough bread, St. Francis Umbrian organic olive oil, garlic and tomatoes and fragrant basil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Rice flour rotis and Dosa’s (Indian lentil and chickpea crepes) made daily

Bean soup perfectly balanced by a multi-layered home-grown, home made vegetable stock, fresh sage, tomatoes and warming chillies.

Porcini mushroom ( wild in the Autumn ) soup with wild foraged truffles.

Famous Umbrian Lentils with cumin, mustard seed and fresh parsley.
Organic zucchini pasta with fresh vegan basil pesto and tiny local tomatoes
Nutty brown rice from the Po valley fragrant with ginger root
Vietnamese and Sri Lankan seasonal vegetable sweet spicy curries w/turmeric and cardamom

Tomatoes char roasted with organic olive oil and garlic, fresh rosemary and oregano.
Little onions oven roasted with organic olive oil, balsamic, sea salt and cracked black pepper

Marinated fresh mushrooms w/apple organic unfiltered cider vinegar and organic olive oil
Crunchy radish and cucumbers pickled w/sea salt
Sweet pickled ginger slices made w/organic mirin and Ecuadorian brown sugar

Sorbet of cooling Calabrian lemon, watermelons or local grapes and cherries
Summer plums clafoutis with coconut cream
Rich vegan Chocolate cake with pomegranate molasses, crushed almonds and vanilla ice-cream

Pineapple with rosewater and honey and lavender…

Rich, dark chocolate pots…

Winter orange, almond and olive oil cake finished w/organic green pistachios

About the Refectory

The RefectoryOnce holding the manger, this room is light flooded the year round. Cool in the summer and warmed by log fires on porcini hunting, brisk walking and chestnut roasting days. The refectory reflects our sense of beauty, proportion and a simple sacred way of eating with food creatively prepared in Vaccaria’s kitchen and also in the Refectory’s big fireplace over fragrant apple wood in the Fall and Winter…( they say that once you have tasted a meal cooked on the fire nothing tastes the same ever again…)…It is a gathering room for soul food eating, conversation, quiet reading in a comfy armchair or a passionate game of chess or scrabble. The refectory is a moveable feast.