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a Woman against violence…

Posted: 29 October 2014

  • …in the movie “Einstein and Eddington” ( well of course you know what it was about yup Einstein and Eddington ) the time frame was prior to WWI…in a Berlin university an experiment was conducted on some caged pigeons, in the absence of Einstein, using poisonous gas…every single one of them suffered terribly before they died of course…when Einstein arrived at the lecture hall, he saw what the men had done and cried in anguish, “what have you done?!”…visibly upset and well he should be…these same poisons were used in the next world war in the concentration camps of course…in the battle of Waterloo 10,000 horses died…horses were used in battle up until WWII…in the economy of the earth one little sparrow’s fall to the ground is noted…as also one single hair of our heads…my grandmother taught me to share the hair from our brushes with the birds because she said they use it to make their nests…this caring and sharing is called wise stewardship…the torment of any living creature for any reason at all including greed and profit is called exploitation….