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…A Ape…

Posted: 18 January 2013

…we live on a quiet meandering lane immersed, especially at the moment, in the sounds of gushing and babbling water and winds blowing through the cypress trees…but truly there is never a second without life calling out to us to hearken and heed…( Hearkening and Heeding to me are the husband and wife team that produce a passionately exciting baby called wisdom but see the essay in our forthcoming book and it really is forth and coming daily…)…one of the local (and I have to utilise this nomeclature…love that word too…ah me…because it is most apt ) colourful characters, stalled out just before the top reach of the gradual hill by la Chiesa one of the loveliest parts of Vaccaria…we heard the raucous music but that’s it besides spluttering…John dashed out to see if he could be of some use eg give a push or two in the right direction over the hill ( and far away to real adventures perhaps ). Anyway the vehicle was an ape ( pronounced ah pay….) and bright red but not quite Ferrari Red ( unlike our retro kitchen which is ) and the driver one who has been side swiped by addictions…I thought about King Louis, who wanted to be like us not the other way around, in The Jungle Book singing I wanna be like you…huuuuoouman too because I also thought about the powerful film Gettysburg and the conversation that ensued around the fire one night preceding the major portion of the battle wherein over fifty thousand lives were lost and injured…well, General Pickett said, you can believe you are descended from ” a ape ” but I dare anyone to believe General Lee is…yes. And the eugenics that theory spawned and yet another false prophet down the loo along with the gene theory a quite deeply entrenched and very profitable allopathic myth . Theories and their false prophets that play raucous music producing nothing but spluttering, can enslave us if we allow them to and do we ever pay. Ever can be a lifetime just as at Gettysburg. John helped the ah pay over the hump and the colourful character glided ever more downhill ( his facial shade matches his transport colour ) spluttering away. Hopefully some small thing was learned and there will be a little change because that is all it takes to create entirely new worlds of real liberty free of addictions…Vaccaria is waiting for you.